O³ or Ozone is a universal and completely natural antimicrobial, antiseptic oxygenator. Being natural, it is also completely safe to use. Just don't breath it in. In water, it breaks back down into water and in air it reverts back to simple oxygen molecules.


We believe so strongly in the power of Ozone that we are working on making the entire water supply running through our operating rooms Ozonated, meaning all water passing through our drills, dental chair, laser, etc will be naturally and effectively disinfected.


As well as this, we can use Ozone in general dentistry, to help disinfect cavity sites prior to restoration, during some periodontal therapies to aid in bacterial reduction and in all surgical procedures to disinfect the wound area, as Ozone has been shown to kill all fungi, viruses and bacteria but not effect the body's own cells.

By utilising ozone in conjunction with our natural bone support protocol, we reduce the barriers to healthy and efficient bone healing and this renders antibiotics unnecessary in almost all cases.