Amalgam Removal


Most of us, in this day and age, are aware that Amalgam or "Silver" restorations or fillings, contain mercury. What is less understood is that these mercury-filled restorations are

  1. made up of up to 55% mercury
  2. continue to leach mercury vapour continually into your mouth as long as they are present.

Mercury is regarded as a very toxic heavy metal and numerous studies have shown that mercury can have a great impact on a person's general health. This is precisely why even Australia has regulations on the amount of mercury that is safe for anyone to be exposed to.

If mercury is so bad for you then why do I still have it in my mouth...? Well precisely.... the answer is you shouldn't.


For the most part dentists, being unaware of the heavy metal issues associated with mercury, simply drill out the old metal filling without any protective measures for themselves, their staff or YOU, the patient. However, this procedure produces very high amounts of mercury-filled particulate and inorganic mercury vapour. Even during the removal of a single amalgam restoration the patient, dentist and assistant are exposed to far higher levels of mercury than is acceptable even on a commercial basis in any regulatory area worldwide, let alone the removal of more than one! It is not uncommon for patients after routine removal of amalgam restorations to experience symptoms such as fatigue, joint and muscle pain, neurological and other symptoms.


For these reasons and many others, the removal of amalgam restorations should be performed only with the highest level of protection for the patient as well as the dentist and assistant. This is imperative!


Part of our Restore Bio-health Concept is that we are certified under the S.M.A.R.T protocol of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) and use state of the art technology and the highest protections available.


We provide protection with latex free dam ( a flexible sheet that blocks particulates and shavings), cleanup adapters for additional mercury vapour protection, surgical drapes for patient protection, mercury-rated face masks to stop inhalation, special air filtration for the room via a specialised Medical grade filtration system and Chlorella algae and activated charcoal for pre and post treatment to bind to any left-over available mercury.

Once the amalgam restorations have been removed and depending on the state of the teeth post removal, teeth are prepared for ceramic or composite bio-compatible restorations or further assessment and management.

We also recommend participating in a heavy metal detox program and that you work with your naturopath of Functional GP to find a detox program that will work the best for you.