Dental ceramics are tried, true, researched and beautiful!

Not only metal-free and totally biocompatible, restorative options made of ceramics such as Zirconia, have an exceptionally natural appearance and great longevity, equal to their metal counterparts.


Every ceramic crown, bridge, veneer or restoration is unique, digitally manufactured with skill, precision and advanced technology, bespoke to each tooth and colour-matched to look flawless and natural. Ceramics are extremely stable and are suitable for anterior and posterior teeth due to their strength and durability, even in high stress areas.


Zirconia ceramic is an excellent alternative to conventional dental restoration options, particularly for patients with metal allergies. Zirconia has proven to be very tissue friendly and does not cause gum irritation. Studies have shown formation of plaque and bacteria around ceramic restorations to be considerably lower than in their metal counterparts and therefore less prone to inflammation and tissue reaction.

Best of all, our all-digital system means that for the majority of cases, your crowns, bridges, and other ceramic restorations can be custom made and put in place on the same day, often in the same appointment!