Dr Nathaniel Nowicki

Dr. Nathaniel Nowicki is an energetic Dentist with a passion for natural health and well being. As such he has modeled his way of providing care to incorporate his guests general health, well being, diet and lifestyle and not simply the nature and health of the teeth. Outside of the mouth Dr Nathaniel has passions in Photography, restoring classic european cars, paragliding and music and you will often hear him humming or singing throughout his day!

After Finishing a Bachelor of Oral Health at the University of Adelaide in 2006, he then returned to study a Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 2012 at the University of Adelaide. Since then he has spent time training in Natural Medicine and Nutrition with the Trinity College of Natural Health in the United States, As well as training in Implantology in Europe, with a focus on Ceramic Implantology. He is currently the only Dentist in South Australia with Accreditation in the S.M.A.R.T protocol for safe mercury filling removal, an example of his commitment to what he believes. At the moment he in the process of completing his Masters in Laser dentistry and is currently one of only two dentists in South Australia with a Lightwalker Laser.