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Restore Bio-Health Concept

Dr Nathaniel Nowicki and his team are committed to the philosophy that your mouth is the gateway to your general health and wellbeing. We understand that the mouth is not just teeth, gums and your smile, but the portal to your whole body. As such we tailor our care to provide natural health remedies, light therapies and surgical techniques in a way that is designed to provide you the maximum general and oral health benefit with the least amount of downtime or tax on the body. 
We also can show you diagnostically what areas of your health may be affected from conditions and the status of your mouth and your oral Health.

Our Philosophy is metal-free, fluoride free and as chemical free as possible. Using only bio-compatible restorative materials, ceramic implants, and utilising natural healers such as light, IV nutrition, oxygen and ozone. This allows us to do over 80% of all restorative work without the use of anaesthetic and provide biologically accelerated healing in the process.

Amalgam Removal
Fluoride Free Care
Root Canal Therapy
The Lightwalker Laser