Fluoride Free Care


Wait.. Fluoride free??? But i thought fluoride was good for me!?

It seems to be the argument of the decade..

However, research doesn't lie and more and more scientific literature is emerging showing the hazardous effects of localized and systemic fluoride in adolescents, adults and especially in children. In many studies it has even been labeled as a neurotoxin.

Does it have uses however..? well the answer is yes. Most of what you have heard about fluoride is true. It does thwart dental decay, it can re-mineralise your tooth structure and make it more resistant to decay and it has been shown to assist in the prevention of decay in children and adults which is why it was added to drinking water in Australia in the first place.

But... Fluoride is not a vitamin or a supplement. Fluoride when it comes to human health is a medicine and should be treated as such. Therefore, when you have a specific dental problem that needs fixing, short term doses can be administered and prescribed to assist in the rectifying of that problem. However, fluoride should not be used as a be all and end all daily supplement for over all good dental health.

At Restore, fluoride in any form will only be prescribed in specific circumstances for short term use only. You will not find any fluoridated products in our office and we will not recommend you use fluoridated toothpaste or mouth-rinses or water. We will work with you on improving other lifestyle factors and reducing your intake of fluoride to improve your general health as well as your oral health to the point you will no longer rely on this medicine to prevent tooth decay.